Packaging Specs

Film Output

IMM can output your CD label and printed material films. We accept documents created in most popular graphic design software applications (QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker, CorelDraw, and Freehand) on both Mac and PC platforms. Documents may be supplied on CD-R. Files may also be sent via e-mail or FTP.


When supplying files for film output, please include a paper proof of the final document. All fonts and image files used to create the document must be supplied to us in order to output film correctly. Files should be in CMYK format for 4/color process printing. All images should be scanned between 300-600 dpi. All artwork should be created between 1200-2400 dpi.


Print Areas

Please follow our templates when creating CD label artwork.

Customer Supplied Film

Film supplied must be prepared to the following specifications:

Screen - 100 lines per inch, elliptical dot Screen Angles (degrees) - Yellow 15, Magenta 45, Cyan 75,

Black 105

Film supplied must be positive, right-reading emulsion side up. Screen printing requires a 0.5 point spread for trapping positive text and reverse background. When printing 2 or more colors, the type size must be 4 points or greater for positive type an d7 points or greater for reversed type. Letter spacing and letter thickness must be at least 1.5 points.

Standard Content

Center crosshair registration marks are essential. Printed copy of image to be output must be supplied with files. "made in U.S.A." should appear on the disc label. Compact disc logo is optional. Use 4/color process (CMYK) or standard PMS colors from the Pantone Color Guide when creating artwork.