Packaging Specs

Our list of packaging capabilities is virtually endless. We can provide the following packaging tools to help your project appeal to your target audience:

* Jewel Box - with printed booklet and traycard.

* Q-Pack - a wide range of colors available.

* DigiPack - designed to give your CD a unique "carrying" capability and still allow you to custom create your package.

* Standard Sleeve - we can provide you paper, tyvek, or cardboard carrying sleeves to present your CD.

* Custom Sleeve - custom design your own CD sleeve, you decide the number of panels that you need based on your photography and copy.

* Amaray Box - create a great look for your new DVD. 2 sizes to choose from.

Whether it's a standard stock item or a custom package, Innovative Multimedia can meet your packaging needs. Call us to discuss your concept and we can provide you with a template to build your file. It's as simple as that!