CD ROM Specs

Disc Type Standard Mini Enhanced
Dimensions 4.75" 3" 4.75"
Storage Capacity 680MB 180MB 680MB/19 min

All CD formats are accepted for direct mastering (CD-ROM XA, CD-ROM HYBRID, CD EXTRA, PHOTO CD, CD + G, CD-I, CD-KARAOKE, etc. CDs and especially CD-Rs are damaged easily. Handle them with care. We recommend to only write in the clear plastic center of the disc. CD-Rs must be in mint condition to avoid possible play-back errors. Please check your master for viruses, scratches, fingerprints, and dirt. Please check and re-check the integrity of your master as the replication process will duplicate exactly what is provided as the master.


CD-R master should be sent to us in cases, not light envelopes. Discs should be single session, single track whenever possible. All multi-session discs should be closed and finalized.